​​​The Weslaco Museum

​​Outreach Programs

School Field Trips

The museum also offers Outreach programs.  With these types of programs, museum staff will come to your school and bring a variety of historical artifacts.  We also have the ability to send a staff member dressed in historical clothing and give a presentation to your classroom.  The details of this type of program are best worked out with a communication to the Director of the Museum.  

The Weslaco Museum offers field trips to schools throughout the mid-Valley.  We have several different program offerings depending on the number of students, grade level, and whether it will be a half day or a full day experience.

The museum works in conjunction with several local educational attractions.  This allows for the field trip to be conducted in a rotational manner with students and teachers moving between locations.

The museum offers 2 stations within the rotation.  One stations consists of a tour of the facility.  Teachers are invited to come to the museum prior to the trip so that we may work together in making sure we hit the exact points that the teacher wants driven home to their students.

The second station in the museum will consist of an activity.  The type of activity will depend on the age level of the students.

We are also working with the Weslaco Library, the Valley Nature Center, as well as the Frontera Audubon Society to offer extended trips in which students may rotate between sites and activities.  

For more information call (956)968-9142 or email at director@weslacomuseum.org